Garbage Disposals don’t make Limeade

My neighbor in North Brunswick, NJ stopped by the other day to ask for assistance with a clogged drain. I was surprised as my neighbor is a pretty handy guy. It turns out that his boys, seven and five, decided to put lime peels down the garbage disposal. Who knows why? Because they could? Were they trying to make limeade?

I went over to the neighbor’s house to snake the sink line. His 1½ inch sink line taps into the laundry tub line (a 3 inch line underground). Being that it was a 1½ inch line, I tried the sink machine first. That was unsuccessful as the lime peels (clog) had moved into the 3 inch line and become mush. Combine this with the sludge that had accumulated over time and this developed into a hard blockage. I retrieved the sewer machine from my truck. I used a tip on the end of the snake that I designed myself, which is made to burrow through “hard to break” clogs. This cleared the line.

The moral of the story? Don’t try to make limeade using your garbage disposal – it won’t work and you may clog your drain. 

In all seriousness, garbage disposals are not meant for actual garbage. Putting actual garbage in the garbage disposal will most likely clog your sink line. Garbage disposals are meant for the small scraps that may have inadvertently been left on a plate after scraping the leftovers from the plate into the garbage can.