Clogged Bathtub Drains


The most common cause of a clogged bathtub drain is hair caught in the drain.


Do-it-Yourselfers maybe able to clear a clogged bathtub drain on their own by plunging the bathtub,using the following steps:

Most bath tubs have overflow drains built into the trip lever (mechanism that raises and lowers the stopper).  Duct tape maybe used to completely cover the trip lever so that no air will flow through.

    1. Remove the stopper from the bathtub drain.
    2. Ensure that there is approximately one to two inches of water in the drain.  If not, run the hot water and fill the tub to this level.
    3. Take a plunger and place it over the bathtub drain (ensure that the entire drain is covered).  Plush the plunger handle down hard multiple times.  After a minute or two, check the drain to see if the water is going down (remove any items, such as hair, that may have surfaced from the drain).  If the water appears to be draining, block the drain and fill the bathtub with water. If the water goes down quickly, the blockage is clear.  If the water is going down slowly, the blockage still exists.  If the blockage still exists, repeat this step until clear.
    4. Once the drain is clear, remove the tape and replace the stopper.

If plunging does not work, you may want to call a professional, such as A-Authentic Snake Dance Kid Sewer Cleaning Service.  We use an electric snake (50 feet) to clear the drain and remove any clogs.  Many of our clientele have commented that after we snaked their bathtub drain, the water has never drained so fast.


To help avoid clogs to bathtub drains, replace your current bathtub stopper with a bathtub stopper that contains a strainer.