Clogged Sewer Lines

Causes and symptoms of clogged sewer lines

Sewer lines can clog for many reasons, some of which include foreign objects, grease, roots and breakage in the line.  Symptoms of a clogged sewer can include any or all of the following:

  • Water backing up from the drains or the toilet
  • A gurgling sound from the drains
  • Water or sewage in the basement, originating from the sewer cap
  • Water or sewage in the slop sink or bathtub



To remedy this problem, A-Authentic Snake Dance Kid places an electric snake (1 ¼” thick) in the line, along with a blade.  The proper blade is required to clear the line.  

If there is breakage in the line, we may be able to identify it if mud is pulled out from the line.  If there is a breakage, the line will most likely have to be replaced.  


To prevent clogged sewer lines, do not throw any foreign objects into the toilet as these items are flushed out of your home via the sewer line.  Also, when cooking with grease, it is recommended that the left over grease be put into a receptacle and thrown into the trash.

Once roots find their way into sewer lines, they will grow back eventually over time.  This does not necessarily mean that the line needs to be replaced; however, the line should be maintained (this means snaking the sewer line periodically). How often the line will need to be maintained will depend on how often the roots grow back into the line (could be anywhere from every six months to anywhere from every six years).